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Enlarging a kitchen is often what makes people consider adding a conservatory.

However there are a few design considerations that must be delt with properly.

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Kitchens are a major source of moisture in the home and to minimise condensation this needs to be considered with the design.

Extractor fans should be installed near to the area generating the moisture, so as to avoid pulling it across the conservatory and dispersing the water vapour.

Sophisticated extractor systems are available that incorporate a heat exchanger so that energy isnt wasted.

Kitchen cupboards can either be designed in a central island otherwise the conservatory should be designed with some masonry walls to fit them on.

It is important to have your kitchen design worked out in detail before you finalise the order for your conservatory.

Conservatories provide a good level of light during the daytime but in the evening high levels of artificial light will need to be provided. Some conservatories have a limited number of places to fix lights.

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